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We would love you to join us at one of our services, but you may be unsure what to expect.  Here are a  few answers to questions that we are sometimes asked about our services.


What's the best service to come  to?

If you're coming with children it is best to come to the 9:30 service. It is informal and lasts for 50-55 minutes minutes, and during it we have the Sunday Club.  On the 3rd Sunday in the month we have a Family Service, which is "all-age" so that we all stay together.  It lasts at most 60 minutes.

The 11 am service is a slightly more formal service but there is provision for children, and all ages are welcome.

If you want something a bit quieter or more traditional, try the 8:30 am service, which is a Prayer Book Communion.

Our evening service (Sunday @ Six at 6pm) is more informal, usually involving a small band, perhaps more suitable for older teenagers.  It lasts around an hour.

What should I wear?
Whatever you're comfortable in. People wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to jacket and tie.

What time should I arrive?
Aim to arrive at least five minutes before the service, although don’t worry if you are a little late - lots of others are!

Will I know what to do in the service?
For the three main servies all the words you need will be on three large screens, at the front of the church.  There is also a service sheet giving details of the 11 am service - large print versions are also available, so just ask if you'd like one. There are Bibles in the backs of the chairs so you can follow the readings.  The 8:30 communion follows the 1662 service which is printed out in a booklet.

Messy.jpgWhen do the children go to the Sunday Club?
During the second or third song, the service leader will announce that it's time for the children to go to their groups (for 3-14s) over in St. David's Centre. Your children can either go on their own with all the others, or you're welcome to take them to the groups, and stay for a minute while they settle in. We've got a creche area, with helpers, for under 3s. You can either leave your child there, or stay with them.  At the end of the service don't forget to collect them!

How do I know when to stand or sit?
The person leading the service will make that clear. We usually stand for songs and hymns (it's easier to sing that way), and for a couple of other bits. Just look around and see what other people are doing if you're not sure.

Do you have toilets?
Yes - in the porch as you come into church, and there are facilities for disabled people.

What happens after the service?
At the end of the service the leader says a brief closing prayer, and then walks down the aisle to the back of the church.  Coffee and tea are served at the back of the church, and you are welcome to stay on for a as long as you wish!

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