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We have three services each Sunday at St. David's, at 8:30, 11 and 6.

The 8:30 is a short half-an-hour service, without hymns, using the Prayer Book readings for the day.  It includes a short talk, and all are welcome.  We provide booklets with the 1662 service, as well as prayer books for those who would like them.  The service is normally conducted in the Side Chapel.

The 11 o' clock service always includes activities for children up to the age of 15.  At most services there are Sunday Club activities for all the children, whilst at the once-a-month Family Service there is a creche for pre-school children.  The services last between 50 minutes (for a Family Service)  and 75 minutes for a communion.  All services use Powerpoint projection, although they can also be followed in service sheets and booklets.

For the sermons we aim to explain the Bible passages set for the day.  During Autumn 2015 we are looking at the story of the Exodus -  followed by an Advent series on Matthew 24-25.

We have a variety of musical styles.  For the Morning and Communion Services we either have a small group, or organ leading the music.     For the Family Service there is an orchestra made up of up to 40 musicians, many of them youngsters.

Sundays@Six is a more informal service led by a small band. Again we use Powerpoint projection for the service, which generally lasts about an hour - everybody is welcome.  During this next term we are doing a short series on the cross, followed by a longer series on the latter chapters of Matthew.

There is also a weekly Prayer Book communion on Wednesday at 10 am

We have 50 guests and no members online