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Morning Service

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Hearing and Giving Messages (Family Service) Penny Frank 2015-12-20
What should we do? Matthew 24:36-51 John Pout 2015-12-06
When will it happen? Matthew 24:3-14 Stephen Wookey 2015-11-29
Bread of Heaven Exodus 16:1-15 Ben Thompson 2015-11-22
The Great Escape Exodus 14:5-22 Stephen Wookey 2015-11-15
Remember your freedom Exodus 13:1-16 Stephen Tyrrell 2015-11-08
The Passover Exodus 11:1-12:13 John Pout 2015-11-01
The Rescuer Rescued Exodus 2:1-10 Ben Thompson 2015-09-20
Who am I to serve God? Exodus 3:1-20 Stephen Wookey 2015-09-27
Harvest Deuteronomy 26:1-11 Ben Thompson 2015-10-04
The Big Fight Exodus 7:8-8:23 Stephen Wookey 2015-10-25
Bread Of Life John 6:35-44 Stephen Wookey 2015-08-02

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