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St. Thomas a Becket Church towers over the village of Todenham, and can be seen from many miles around.  The church holds services once a month, Holy Communion (1662) on the fourth Sunday of each month at 9:30 am.  There is also the occasional concert  and we are extremely grateful to the Friends of St. Thomas a Becket, for their invaluable help in keeping the church building in a state of repair. 

The village and church have a fascinating history, as you can discover if you try this link, or watch the video at the bottom of this article.  And for a map of the the parish boundary click on this link.  Marriages and baptisms are conducted in the church from time to time, and for further information about them contact Stephen Wookey.  For further details about the church contact the Church Warden Valerie Cole at 01608.651052.

We are also extremely proud of our organist, Richard Roderick Jones, a noted composer, whose work can be accessed via his website on www.richardroderickjones.com.

To download a leaflet on the history and architecture of the church click on this link.  To watch a YouTube video of the church's history click on this link.


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