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As a church we believe in the fundamental importance of mission, reaching out with the message of the gospel to those who have not heard or embraced it.  Jesus' last words to His disciples contained the command to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19).  We therefore seek to do all we can to take that gospel to the people of our parish and area, whilst at the same time supporting others who have gone to different parts of the world to take the gospel.

During the last week of July there was a three day Holiday Club for Friday Club, entitled Summer Cruise.  On the Wednesday we were taken - in our mind's eye - on a trip to Barbados, complete with Barbadian food and a guided tour, and on Thursday we were taken to Egypt, with a trip down the Nile, and the film Death on the Nile.  On Friday we went on an actual cruise on the River Avon, heading downstream from Evesham - the trip included a fish and chip lunch, and a great time was had by all!  The pictures below give a little flavour of the Club.





Christianity Explored is a course that introduces Jesus as he walks off the pages of Mark's Gospel. Developed over 9 years by All Souls Church, London, Christianity Explored has been a life changing experience for thousands of people who, through this course, have discovered the true nature and grace of God.

We're more wicked than we ever realised, but more loved than we ever dreamed.

With a passion and gift to communicate, Rico Tice (Associate Minister, All Souls Church) has written this innovative 7 week course based on short talks, Bible Study and group discussion to enable participants to explore Who Jesus Is? Why He Came? And What It Means To Follow Him.

3 key fundamentals of the course:

  • The BibleTeaching Christ in Mark's Gospel is at the heart of the course.

  • GraceGrace is only amazing when sin is clearly seen. A grasp of grace will not only empower Christian life, but create a tremendous sense of joy and thanksgiving.

  • RelationshipsOur aim is that people should not just make friends but find themselves genuinely cared for.

Our next course will take place in St David's Centre, and begins on Thursday May 10th.   There will be an introductory evening, with meal on April 21 at the Centre to explain the course, so do come along if you would like to find out for yourself whether this might be for you.  For further details contact the Church Office on 01608.652359 or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can visit the Christianity Explored site to find out more about the course.

A Passion for Life is a national evangelistic campaign, springing out of various Gospel Partnerships that seek to encourage and support local churches to engage in mission. 

We are part of the North Cotswolds Gospel Partnership, and have been involved in two  Passion For Life missions.  The most recent one ran from April 6th to 13th 2014, when many churches in the North Cotswolds joined together to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  There were youth events, children's events (see picture below), Men's breakfasts, Women's Soirees,  culminating in many services on Palm Sunday.  We had many excellent guest speakers joining us including Michael Green, Jonathan Fletcher, John  Lennox, Sharon Dirckx, Henry Olonga as well as the internationally renowned children's entertainer, Colin Buchanan.  The churches involved with A Passion for Life continue to meet together to plan and pray, and organise events.





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